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Etropolis e-Bikes and e-scooters

Electrify your life

etropolis is one of the leading brands for electrically-powered bicycles in Europe. From e-bikes to classic e-scooters right through to high-speed e-motorbikes, etropolis offers a broad range of different models made to high standards of quality and performance. As part of the SiG Solar Group, etropolis relies on many years of experience in sales and is based on the Hanseatic merchant traditions of reliability, quality and innovation.


our e-scooters

With the trendy e-scooters from etropolis, you can enjoy a unique driving experience. Fill up at the socket, save yourself unnecessary mainten-

ance costs, free yourself from fluctuating fuel prices and feel the wind in your hair. By doing away with CO2 emissions, you are making an important contribution to environmental protec-

tion. We are convinced that the mobility of the future is electric. Focus on the future and live life the way you want to. Without limits. But with a generous helping of fun!

E-Scooter 2

E-Scooter 1

Whether you want a trendy retro look or are devoted to futuristic design – the choice is yours. Our etropolis scooters are available from the basic version in a variety of colour combin-

ations. All etropolis modes can be adapted individually and are available with silicon or removable lithium batteries. Whether at home or at work – the removable batteries of our lithium models can be recharged at any conventional mains socket.

Our E-Bikes

E-bikes from etropolis can be used flexibly both at work and leisure. Additionally, they also combine exercise with the exciting thrust of an electric gear. Just start pedalling like on every conventional bike. There is only one decisive difference: As long as you are pedalling, you will automatically get an additional boost of energy. Don’t worry about steep roads and strong headwinds anymore – just enjoy the ride!