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More than just lighting

LED lights offer enormous potential for savings, making them the lighting source for the future. These alternatives to all comparable forms of lighting are dimmable, long-lasting, economical, recyclable and bright.


LUMiTENSO offers a variety of unique lighting solutions for flexible applications in industry, office spaces, municipalities and private homes. It is our goal to offer every customer the best possible product. Our portfolio comprises indoor and outdoor applications. Unique collaboration with our partner factories in Germany and the Far East and the use of our lighting experts on site enables us to provide our customers with state-of-the-art lighting technology at excellent prices.


We consider our customers' needs holistically and offer everything from one source: A comprehensive advice and lighting design, advanced LED technology, Financing & Leasing, OEM production, the realization of light projects on site and fulfillment of special requests. Bringing in line functionality & design, price & performance and durability & innovation for realization of the individual lighting solution for our customer, this is what we are for. 



The products lines are developed and designed by our LED experts. Our products are checked for quality during the production process and beyond in independent tests conducted at different light laboratories – all in order to maintain our high standards of quality and performance. This way, we can be sure that only the best products make it to our customers.

LUMiTENSO ECO Bulb 7W LUMiTENSO ECO Downlight 6 slimLUMiTENSO PRO Panel 60x60LUMiTENSO ECO Spot MR16 GU10LUMiTENSO ECO Tube T8 150LUMiTENSO PRO Tube T8 60,120,150LUMiTENSO Streetlight Terra